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I watch anime every now and then and wanted to write reviews. Click the link to the right to see the list of shows I've done and their tags. Also check out the voice actors page!

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Lewis Carroll: the original night blogger.

Enjoying some late night Full Metal Panic! Such fun :)

Enjoying some late night Full Metal Panic! Such fun :)

Oh shit

I forgot to put together my level E post, do you actually like those or are you just here for Ghost Stories screen caps?

How my blog looks on Linux Mint

Big thanks to nerdfangirling!

So this is what my page looks like on Windows 7, in just a moment I’ll post what it looks like on mine.

P.s. I’m aware of 2 of the pictures on the VA page being broken, going to fix that very soon.

Damn anime, breaking the 4th wall.

Hey could you guys do me a favor? I use linux on my laptop (where I edited the coding for this page) and I’m curious as to how it looks on your pc, if you guys could take a screenshot of the main page, and possibly the other pages (Anime and Voice actors) and submit it on my “Opinion/Thoughts” page. 

oh and tell me your operating system please!

Thank you!

Hey guys I’m back!